img1 Emergency Meeting To Discuss Current Moratorium Protocol
The Adult Performer Advocacy  Committee (APAC) will hold an emergency meeting to discuss concerns about the current moratorium protocol for all adult industry performers on Monday, September 1, at 8 pm. For location and more information, interested performers should contact an APAC board  member or contact

APAC is thrilled to learn that the recent moratorium has been called off due to a false positive test. Even given this fact, the APAC board feels that this is a prudent time to address latent concerns and issues that arise when a production halt occurs and would like to take this opportunity to discuss the performer and industry response to such an event.


img2 APAC Requests Solidarity During Moratorium

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) is requesting that all adult performers honor PASS’s call for a moratorium and treat each other with compassion and respect during this time.

When an industry moratorium, especially one related to HIV, occurs, performers are often concerned about their health, the health of their co-workers, their financial security, and public perception of the porn industry. Fear and mistrust are understandable reactions. Desire for facts and belief in rumors when no facts are available are also understandable reactions.

The only facts available at this time are that a positive HIV result has been reported to the FSC and that a call has been made to stop all production while a confirmatory test is done.