February Members Meeting: Sunday February 1

The February APAC Members Meeting will be held Sunday, February 1st in Los Angeles.

Join us at 8 PM for an open forum discussion where you can voice your concerns about the industry, suggest new projects for APAC, and meet your peers.

All adult performers are welcome.

As usual, the location is undisclosed to protect the privacy of performers.  For details, email APAC.information@gmail.com and we’ll respond.

Feel free to bring food and (non-alcoholic) drinks to share.

See you soon!

Prestigious Medical Journal to Legislators and Human Rights Groups: “Accept and Embrace” Sex Work





Last week, prestigious peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet raised its voice again in its message that legislators and human rights groups around the world should accept and embrace sex work.  Their message includes recommendations that organizations stop trying to “rescue” sex workers, and to recognize sex work as “part of the human story.” Authors note that anyone involved in human rights work must move past old and burdensome moral attacks on sex work.  These debates are no longer productive, useful, or necessary.

The Lancet began publishing articles in support of decriminalizing and de-stigmatizing sex work in 2014, and the series continues in its recent print issue (Jan 17, 2015 Volume 385 Number 9964).  In the series, medical experts agree: current legislation against sex work is harmful to sex worker health and public health in general.

While some of the conclusions drawn by authors in the series may be contentious among sex workers, The Lancet‘s gesture is a step in the right direction.  And it has the potential to influence policymakers, since voicing concern for and support of sex workers in such a highly-regarded scientific publications in all-but unprecedented,.

Click the image to the left to enlarge The Lancet‘s sex worker health facts & myths sheet, and click here to read a summary of the ongoing article series.